Workshops: Gingerbread Decorating
(for Children)



Gingerbread Painting and Decorating is a great fun for children of all ages: from kindegartners to high school students.  The baking shop LUKRECJA organizes workshops in its craft studio and in many other localisations (like nursery schools, primary and secondary schools, etc.). We will always do our best to serve your needs and wishes!

While meeting with children in the spirit of various holidays, we dispel the myth that gingerbread suit only Christmas! We decorate Valentine hearts, dresses and suits for our Grandmas and Grandpas, flowers for our beloved Mothers, Easter Chicks and Bunnies, Christmas Trees and Bells, any many many more.

Our gingerbread craft projects playful children get to let their artistic side out. Gingerbread decorating stirs the imagination, teaches accuracy and self-reliance.

Working with their hands is also a very rewarding experience that develops manual dexterity of our children.

The workshop starts with a short introductory talk on the history of gingerbread. We also learn gingerbread dough recipe and start to play! Each child gets 2-3 gingerbread cookies. While decorating the first one, he or she tries to copy one of the patterns. Then the child creates his own piece of art.

During our workshops, children use colourful fondants, food colouring, sprinkles, cookie cutters, baking pans etc.

In the end, each child gets two small bags and ribbons to wrap the artworks and take them home. They are also awarded special diplomas.

So don’t hesitate and take this ride! Join the list of our satisfied clients!

We provide:



– Baking tools and equipment (rolling pins, baking forms, cutters, etc.)

– Aprons

– A lot of fun!

Price: Price list is set individually for each client (and depends on the number of participants)

For more info call us: 503 185 048

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