Urodziny Piernikowe

Gingerbread Birthday Party


We organize Gingerbread Birthday Parties! The theme of the meeting is always consulted with our client. It’s tailored to child’s age, interests and personality. All children are decorating gingerbread (4-5 pieces for each child) with colourful fondants. They use food colouring, sprinkles, cookie cutters, baking pans etc. We give them aprons and gloves, as we want our little ones not to get dirty while having a bunch of fun with gingerbread themed activities. The guests are also making a special Birthday Gingerbread for the birthday child. When every guest left his or her signature on it, we get a marvellous souvenir of the party.
Duration: around 2 hours

Price: 40 zl per child

We provide glasses, plates and napkins.

For more info call us: 503 185 048

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